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From laid off, to on form

The MMC CourseBecome proactive and decisive in your job search or career change

Free And Online

It doesn't matter if you're an accountant or a plumber, job instability and job loss can cause high levels of stress and uncertainty for us all.

Join the free online course, "From laid off, to on form" and learn the practical skills to take control of your time, to effectively and productively job seek or change career.

The Course

The course runs over 2 weeks and an extra Monday, designed to fit around and boost your job search or career change.

Learn how to create motivating and productive working habits - from setting up a distraction-free environment, to defining your current goals and taking the steps to achieve them.


Each Monday from 9.30am (GMT) take part in a group workshop led by the course mentor, followed by daily, short lessons which can be completed at a time and pace that suits you.



An introduction to The Monday Morning Club and the course. Meeting the course mentor and other coursemates.

Group | 2.5 hours


Setting Up Your Workspace

Set up your desk, surroundings and yourself so you can be focus and productive.

Self-guided | 1.5 hours


Work Routines

Set different routines throughout your day to stay motivated, focused and maintain a work/life balance.

Self-guided | 1.5 hours


Writing Tasks Well

Follow the rules for writing tasks well so that you can tackle procrastination and get more done.

Self-guided | 1 hour


Your Work Culture

Learn why having a work culture while job seeking or making a career change is important.

Self-guided | 1 hour


Goal Setting

Set your own goals and ensure that they are challenging, motivating and achievable.

Group | 2.5 hours



Explore your relationship with deadlines and set them up to progress you towards your goals.

Self-guided | 1.5 hours



Discover how accountable you hold yourself and the different techniques you can use to improve this.

Self-guided | 1.5 hours


Accountability In Action

Test out new accountability techniques and start to put your chosen ones into action.

Self-guided | 1.5 hours


No Lesson

A space in your week to try out all that you've learnt so far.


The Sprint Process

Learn about the task and time management process called 'The Sprint' and how to use it to successfully self-manage.

Group | 2.5 hours

Course Mentor

Adam has created and run lessons for the Monday Morning Club over the past 2 years. He will guide you through the course, sharing tools and techniques gathered from the freelancer and business owner community, as well as his own 10 years experience of working in a self-managed way.

Who Can Join?

The Monday Morning Club membership and course are free, and open to people from all working backgrounds.

To gain a space you must be:


Currently Out Of Work

Unemployed and looking for work, or currently furloughed and concerned about losing your job


Happy To Share

Comfortable with taking part in research, including surveys and interviews, which will help to improve the course and club


Free to Attend

You can take part in the whole course, including joining each Monday 9.30am to 12pm (GMT) for the group lesson via Zoom (video call).

Join Today

Book before the for one of the 10 spaces on the course starting April 19th.

For any inquiries about the course get in touch with the course mentor, Adam Ellison.

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